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Before Using The Silicone Molds

We want to ensure your experience with our molds is exceptional.

Here, you'll find essential instructions on what to avoid and how to properly clean your silicone molds.

Please Check Carefully! 

How to Clean Resin Silicone Mold

Do not use Water & Soap for Cleaning.

Do not touch the inner surface of the mold.jpg

Do not touch the inner surface of the mold. 

How To Clean Resin Silicone Mold.jpg

Clean the molds using only Scotch tape.

Common mistakes to avoid when working with resin silicone molds. @handgemachtes_

How to Properly Clean and Care for Your Epoxy Resin Molds. @handgemachtes_

We're committed to your success. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Happy molding and creating!

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